Bingin Beach

Bali's southern region is synonymous with white sandy beaches, one of which Bingin Beach. Attractions beach in Bali is located in Pecatu Village, Kuta southern Badung regency. Approximately 32km from the direction of Denpasar, after Dreamland beach. Being a coastline Balangan Beach, Dreamland beach, Bingin Beach, then Padang-Padang Beach.

This attraction is still beautiful, with the typical beach in these regions of the rugged, like this Bingin unspoiled beach with waves up to 8 meters high, would be a target for the surfers, the beach sand Bingin directly adjacent to the cliff. Access road to the site is indeed quite difficult to type quite difficult, steep and winding. Perhaps because of this sensation and the beauty and the beautiful coral stone make now much frequented especially by surfers. To reach the beach, visitors must descend the staircase.

If you want to vacation in Bali, meyempatkan your time to stop by this location, away from the bustle of other beaches like-man, full of tranquility with a fresh coastal air, a natural therapy for the mind to be more fresh, even if you do not like sports surfing, you can see them dancing on the waves, because the beach is shallow enough you can get to snorkel or swim and also to see the beauty of the sunset / sunset.

balangan beach

Balangan beach

Maha villa located around 2km from the Balangan beach. This is one of the beach around Jimbaran which has wonderful sunset, white sandy beach and also great waves for surfing.

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jimbaran seafood

Jimbaran Seafood

Maha villa located quite near from Jimbaran beach seafood cafes. Take a drive around 2km at the back of the villa and follow along the road that lead to the Four Season resorts.

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jimbaran golf

Pecatu golf

If you love to play some golf then the Maha villa is just around 15 minutes from Pecatu Indah Golf or Dreamland beach. This is one of the beachfront golf course on the island of Bali

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